If You Want Something for Your Clients, Give Them Something

If you want something from your coaching and hypnotherapy clients, then it pays to be generous. One of the influence principles from Cialdini’s famous book on the topic is Reciprocity. The more you give, the more indebted people feel you to.

People instinctively balance social debts. No one wanted to owe – to be the freeloader in the tribe.

It also works when you want something for your clients.

If you’re in this business, you probably want to help them transform, to access more of their potential. It’s hard to do our line of work without a genuine desire to elevate others.

Even so, you still want to use Reciprocity.

Because even if you worked for free, your clients still give you valuable things:

Trust, and


So to get these, go first and give something of value. Offer up a treat with no expectations or obligations. Make it easy to use and helpful.

Some people will take it and run.

Others will see it as a sign of your skills.

Everyone will feel a small nagging sensation in the back of their minds. Value was offered, so value should be returned.

Of course, this alone won’t motivate someone to act. But who knows – Reciprocity might be what pushes the client from No into Yes.

That’s why you should offer value. The next question is how.

If you sell products – seminars, books, audio downloads – then it’s easy to create a sample.

But a sample is tiny. It might offer a little value, it’s true. Who would settle for a “little” value, though? Isn’t it better to offer tremendous value, creating tremendous Reciprocity?

Besides, as a coach or hypnotherapist, you’re providing a service. Maybe you don’t even have products, or maybe they don’t lend themselves well to samples.

No one who knows me is surprised by my answer:

Content marketing allows you to deliver value right into your prospects’ hands. They eagerly lap up your story, interesting facts, helpful tips or whatever you provide.

It adds something positive to their day.

Something they can use or think about.

It stands out from all that filler garbage competing for their attention, which doesn’t hurt. Plus it sets you up as an expert.

Plus a hundred other benefits.

Among them?

You’ve done something nice for them, so they’re more likely to do something nice for you.

(Which is to let you help them do something nice for themselves. Something funny to think about.)

So you provide infotainment, like I’ve done above.

Then you include a sales pitch, like I’ve done below.

Does this undermine the Reciprocity? Nah, because by offering something of value, you’re still giving. Sure, you get something out of it. But if your offer is good, then they’ll be grateful for it.

Even if they don’t act on the offer, it was still a gift.

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